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Can AD9826 process the CCD signal with 0.5MHz

Question asked by EricCho on Mar 27, 2018
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I choose AD9826 to process the CCD output signal with 0.5MHz,but EBarnes told me that the AD9826 is not designed to operate as slow as 0.5 MHz without why.


I looked up the AD9826 datasheet and didn't find the min frequency of CCD signal.Can you please tell me why.

How can i determine the Converter rate when choosing ADC part if the analog signal frequency is known?


Could you please recommend me the best ADC part with the below specifications  If AD9822 is not suitable?

1.The ouput frequency of TCD1304 is (Typ 0.5MHz,Max 1MHz),and the voltage is 1.5v ~ 3.5v

2.The ADC resolution i need is 16Bits.





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