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AD9528 No-OS configuration not updated in TES?

Question asked by tcachat on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by gverma

Using the Transceiver Evaluation Software, we have configured the ADRV9371 on a Xilinx ZC706 kit. It worked fine, until we changed the configuration.


We use the Transceiver Evaluation Software with the ADRV9371 and Xilinx ZC706. We could configure the kit from the interface, then generate C code to build our own Firmware (No-OS). Until now we have a 30.72 MHz Ref Clock for the AD9528, accordingly the code contains:

ad9528pll1Settings_t clockPll1Settings =
{    30720000,    1,    3,    0,    1,    0,
    122880000,    2,    4   };

But now I changed Ref Clock to 12.288 MHz in our generator. As expected, the PLL does not lock (STATUS2 LED is off), I have to change the configuration in the TES, and program the kit. It works from the GUI, but the C generated code is exactly the same as before.

Of course I could update the code on my own, but I do not understand. Did I miss something?


By the way, it is a bit annoying that the TES can not generate C code without being connected to the board.



hdl-2017_r1, Vivdao 2016.4, SDK 2017.4, and see attached