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JESD: Lane rate/active lanes configuration of the FPGA

Question asked by tcachat on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by DragosB

After searching for many hours why the JESD204 link was down (kept in CSG phase), I found that jesd_core.c might be improved. The following line

   tx_xcvr.lane_rate_khz = myk_dev->tx->txProfile->iqRate_kHz * 20;

does not take into account the number of active lanes (neither the deframer->M), although there are used in the API in mykonos.c.

I have modified jesd_core.c (rx_xcvr.lane_rate_khz, tx_xcvr.lane_rate_khz, rx_os_xcvr.lane_rate_khz), and I have now better results.

I still have some troubles depending of the choice of active lanes. I am not sure the FPGA is correctly configured to use only active lanes, and to send/receive data on the correct lanes.



no-OS-2017_R1, hdl-2017_r1, Vivdao 2016.4, SDK 2017.4,

Xilinx ZC706 kit, ADRV9371