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JESD: Lane rate/active lanes configuration of the FPGA

Question asked by tcachat on Mar 26, 2018

After searching for many hours why the JESD204 link was down (kept in CSG phase), I found that jesd_core.c might be improved. The following line

   tx_xcvr.lane_rate_khz = myk_dev->tx->txProfile->iqRate_kHz * 20;

does not take into account the number of active lanes (neither the deframer->M), although there are used in the API in mykonos.c.

I have modified jesd_core.c (rx_xcvr.lane_rate_khz, tx_xcvr.lane_rate_khz, rx_os_xcvr.lane_rate_khz), and I have now better results.

I still have some troubles depending of the choice of active lanes. I am not sure the FPGA is correctly configured to use only active lanes, and to send/receive data on the correct lanes.



no-OS-2017_R1, hdl-2017_r1, Vivdao 2016.4, SDK 2017.4,

Xilinx ZC706 kit, ADRV9371