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No sound on ADAU1467 eval board

Question asked by Fanfan1964 on Mar 26, 2018
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I just received my eval board ADAU1467 but i can't have any sound. Maybe i forget something.


I connected Audio in ch 32-33, USBi to my computer to a USB 3 port, and a speaker on out Ch 0-1.


When i plug usbi and power only 1 led is iluminated : D9

Then i plug USBi and D8 is iluminated, in sigma studio USB (config hardware) is green.


Link, compile and download  seem to be OK, status  is "active : downloaded" but no sound.


I try this shematic...


The level move well, i tried with ch 4-5 but still no sound with a amplifier or a headset.


Thanks for your help