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AD9371 custom profile:calibration error

Question asked by kristen123 on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by gverma

Hello everyone,I develop AD9371 in my custom board.I create custom profile with AD9371 Filter wizard v1.10,  Here is my custom profile:

I  load custom file into AD9371 Transceiver Evaluation Software to get c script,

The first question is :I found my code will return error when execute  mykError = MYKONOS_initArm(&mykDevice);

the error is MYKONOS_ERR_INITSER_INV_VCODIV1_HSCLK_PARM,I check the data structure found the mykonosClocks is:

However in the function  MYKONOS_setupSerializers(&mykDevice) which is called by MYKONOS_initArm(&mykDevice),It said  when VCO divider is 1,the max vco frequency is 8000MHz,But the data structure produced by GUI is 9600000KHz,this is the reason why return error.


So this may be a bug in the GUI.

I manually change the vco divider with VCODIV_3,It will run OK.

The second questions is:It will return error when execute

mykError = MYKONOS_waitInitCals(&mykDevice, 60000, &errorFlag, &errorCode);

the errorFlag is 0x07 and the errorcode is 0x03.

I have totally  no idea why this is happen.Besides,When i use the standard profile which is provided by AD9371 Transceiver Evaluation Software.It will not return the error.I don't konw if there is something wrong with the custom profile.

Besides when I use the custom profile like this:

It will return the same error(mykError = MYKONOS_waitInitCals(&mykDevice, 60000, &errorFlag, &errorCode);the errorFlag is 0x07 and the errorcode is 0x03.).

Do anyone konw the reason?