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SRAM Access on Blackfin 533 EZ-Kit

Question asked by whogoesthere on Dec 7, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2011 by whogoesthere

The FLASH device(s) on the EZ-KIT have two banks of 32 kB available (0x2024 0000 - 0x 2024 7FFF) and (0x202C 000 - 0x202C 7FFF). But, I can't see any examples of how to access this memory. I have created an LDF file using VisualDSP 5.0 but it simply allocates four sections MEM_ASYNC0-3. which cover the whole FLASH memory space.


If I was to use the SRAM space how fast is it, is it similar to the external SDRAM or faster. I am using internal memory and need to implement FFT's which exceed the internal memory space. I can break the FFT down (not desirable) but is the SRAM a proposition without too much of a speed penalty


I need to have some ability to store parameters which will be available at the next boot up. Can I use portions of the flash or are they reserved for programme storage. Is it preferable to design my hardware (not done yet) to use battery back up on the FLASH device and use the SRAM space for permanent memory storage.


Many thanks for any pointers!

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Ian Whitehouse