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AD9767 : pin arrangement for single channel use

Question asked by ysuzuki on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by saberbf

Hello ,

I have a question about pin configuration for AD9767.
Our customer is going to use AD9767 but he use only channel-1.
So, he is asking me the pin arrangement which has relation for channel-2.
I think the pin arrangement can be set to followings, but I may have mistake.


 - 19pin CLK2/IQRESET
     pull-up this pin to DVDD with resister
 - 20pin WRT2/IQSEL
     pull-down to DGND with resister
 - 23~36pin DBxP2
     pull-down to DGND with resister
 - 39~40pin IOUTA2, IOUTB2
     pull-down to AGND with 50ohm
 - 41pin FSADJ2

     normal connection as same as FSADJ1.

Could you please check this arranegement is ok or not ?


Beset regards,