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Clear NCO phase on SYSREF edge (AD9172)

Question asked by hoang on Mar 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by landsman

 Dear All!

I have a problem in reset NCO phase of all channel ( include channel data path, main data path, 2 DAC) synchronize with sysref   signal. Current mode used is :

    + JESD 204b. Subclass1. Mode1, Dual channel.

    + Sysref 1MHz continuous pulse,50% duty cycle

    + DAC freq : 9216 MHz

    + Channel_NCO freq : 1152 MHz

    + Board : AD917x-FMC-EBZ

    + Sysref :On, AC mode


As in data sheet, NCO can reset by sysref signal by setting bit 2 in register 0x131 for channel NCO and 0x113 for main NCO. But no thing happened. Is any setting need for auto reset NCO with sysref signal????