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ADRF6821 EVAL with ACE Software?

Question asked by Bedair on Mar 25, 2018
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Hey our Engineers 

I have ADRF6821 Eval Board and  SDP-S board to communicate between the ADRF6821 and the ACE software.

I installed the ACE software on Windows7 and added the attached file in the forum furthermore, supplied the ADRF6821 with the specified Supply voltage 5.6VDC

also, connected it to SDP-S according to the EVAL board guide, the rated current was 29 mA when I connected the SDP-S 

I did all the steps in this answer 

How to use ADRF6821 EVAL with ACE Software? 

but  the ACE cannot read the EVAL board " no daughter board detected " as shown in the attached image

Could you help me to find the issue with that?