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ADE9000  overwrite registers

Question asked by jesussysca on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Gary.Kang.AnalogDevices

VNominal 10
Nominal 1
CurrentRatio 1600
BurderResistor 95
Resistor1 24.2
Resistor2 1


I followed the steps to initialize the ADE9000
and successfully measure VRMS and IRMS

When I wanted to calibrate the power gain
I realized that the registers did not match

I checked the registers
EP_CFG and EGY_TIME to confirm that they had
the values that I wrote.
EP_CFG = 0x11;
EGY_TIME = 7900;

but instead both registers had 0x03
after several tests identify that
the change in registers  occurred at
write the value of VLEVEL taking the
value of bits 23-16

VLEVEL = 0x38000
EP_CFG = 0x03;
EGY_TIME = 0x03;

VLEVEL = 0x410000
EP_CFG = 0x41;
EGY_TIME = 0x41;

I also read the version registry
but the value was also wrong
According to Ade9000-UserGuide this record
has a value of 0x40 but instead
I read a value of 0xFE.

I thought it could be a defective piece
but even if I change the result
was the same, this time the first thing I did
was to read the value of the version register
but I read the same value (0xFE).

Note: If I do not write in VLEVEL
the other mentioned registers
has 0x00 and I can not write to


What did I do wrong ?

Why I cant write to the registers?