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BF524 h/w watchdog doesn't reset device

Question asked by reggyperrin on Dec 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2012 by Aaronwu

Hi folks,


I'm trying to get the h/w watchdog working, but I can't seem to confirm that it works.  Setup:

  • BF524
  • uclinux
  • Linux .config: 
  • u-boot config: 
    • #define CONFIG_HW_WATCHDOG


When I boot, there is definitely a /dev/watchdog device.  I've removed the /bin/watchdogd (and removed from inittab), rebooted, and waited.  However, the device never reboots.


I thought something else might be tickling it, so I even added some while(1); in a SPORT interrupt routine (our codec is hanging of a SPORT), and when I play a sound, hard-lockup.  Still no reboot.


What else should I be doing?   Is there more code in u-boot I have to enable?  Am I missing something obvious?


We've had some hard-lockups that we felt the WDT should recover from, but it didn't.  This seems to confirm my suspicion that something isn't quite right in the WDT.


Thanks, RP