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AD9371+ZC706 Ethernet data format

Question asked by Yake on Mar 22, 2018
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I am testing the AD9371 evaluation board with ZC706 FPGA board using the Transceiver Evaluation software. I can see the received waveform on my computer from the evaluation software. I wanted to record data directly on the computer so that I can analyze the received data using matlab. What I did is to start Rx on AD9371 board and use wireshark on my PC to record the TCP data through Ethernet. However, I cannot find any document regarding how the ZC706 FPGA board organized the ADC data from AD9371 and how it packaged the data and sent through ethernet. Also, I do not know what is the data format from AD9371. Because AD9371 has 12bits ADC, does it send out 16 bits with 4 leading zeros for each sample? Does the data stream from ethernet are organized so that 3 bytes represent 2 samples? 


If my way is not going to work, is there any other way i can record the ADC data from Enthernet? Thanks!