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AD5292 not change the resistance under Raspberry Pi.

Question asked by UliyKlemeshov on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by UliyKlemeshov

Hello! I had a problem with controlling the potentiometer AD5292 with Raspberry Pi 3 (model B). The potentiometer does not change the resistance.
Below I attached the following files:
-photos from a virtual oscilloscope for a Raspberry Pi - PiScope (the code was sent once).
-photos from a real oscilloscope (the codes were sent in a loop "while", and I did it specifically to fix the signals on oscilloscope). In photos with
a real oscilloscope, you can see the wrong SDO behavior - most likely, because I applied loop "while".
-connection circuit and PCB
-code of the program
From the photos of the real oscilloscope, you can see that the RDY signal is incorrect. I sent the codes from the table 12 page 23 from datasheet in this
potentiometer. On the SDO pin, the signal is almost correct. But the resistance still did not change (when sending 0x0500). I measure the resistance when connected A and W.
When the potentiometer was first connected, it was possible to exit the mode - "Resistor Perfomance Mode" (code 0x1803)
- in this mode, the resistance between A and B is 10 KΩ - default mode (factory setting).
Sorry for my English, because it's not my native language.