ADP2108AUJZ-3.0-R7 generates 3.36 volts and it looks like it's hot

Discussion created by DominusDRR on Mar 22, 2018
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I'm designing a prototype with the ADP2108-3.0V.


Without load, I verified that the output voltage was equal to the input (5.0V).


Somewhere, in the data sheets I read that when the load current is zero, the device doesn't switch, so I decided to place a load of 330 ohms. Then the voltage that appears is 2.25V.


I have placed a load of 100 ohms and the voltage drops to 1 volt with a lot of noise, whereas when it is 2.25 V the noise is almost zero.


I have also read similar problems in other threads, so I put the input capacitor of 4.7 uF next to pin1 of the regulator and it seems that the problem was solved.


But when measuring the voltage on the 330 resistance I noticed that the voltage is 3.36 volts and the regulator is somewhat hot.


I have checked the PCB and it seems that there is no type of short circuit, the only load is the resistance.



Any comment or idea is welcome.