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Question about AD9361 RSSI signal power measurement

Question asked by Take_01 on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by Take_01

I am considering measuring the RSSI by operating the AD9363 in TDD mode in MGC mode.


1. Please let me ask a few questions about Figure 26. on page 44 of the AD 9363 Reference Manual.

  (1) When RSSI STATE is in RSSI DELAY state or RSS IWAIT state, what data is output to RSSI SYMBOL?
       Does the data of the slot read before is held?

  (2) If the RSSI STATE is in the RSSI WAIT state or the RSSI CALC state, is it the settled data that can be read with  RSSI SYMBOL?

  (3) Where is the measurement site of RSSI SYMBOL?
      Does the measured value of RSSI SYMBOL include GAIN (LMT GAIN, LPF GAIN, DIGITAL GAIN) on the Rx side and the calibration result?


2. Please let me question the table 33. RSSI Mode Select on page 45 of the AD 9363 Reference Manual.

  (1) RSS Mode Select describes conditions such as TDD and FDD in Useful For :.

      Can I think that it works even in modes other than Useful For:?


Thanking you in advance.