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Minimize ADV212 decoder latency

Question asked by gshadow on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by gshadow

We have too large latency of decoding frames using ADV212 decoder. It's about 70-90 ms.

We use 25 MHz for both MCLK and pixel clock and small 352x288 image.

First idea was to increase MCLK. We tried 50 MHz and 75 MHz but decoder just hangs up: it doesn't output any frames at all. So, my questions is:

Is it mandatory to have MCLK equal to Pixel clock?

What could be other reasons preventing it's work?

May be any other suggestions on how to decrease latency?

Could output frame size somehow affect decoding latency?

And one more: is it prefetch (read) whole frame from input data or decode input stream on-the-fly?

Thanks in advance for your help.