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ADE9000 SNR problem

Question asked by marcin_sw on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2018 by Gary.Kang.AnalogDevices

We have a problem with current measurement quality using IC ADE9000. We need to improve SNR in our devices and we can't find the way to do it. Our devices uses rogowski coil. Here is some informations about settings, results and configurations:

-  INTEN bit in CONFIG0 register is enabled
- DICOEFF register is set to 0xFFFFE000
- Calculated SNR is about 70dB (using our device and EVAL-ADE9000EBZ with dedicated software)
- We tried to change corner frequency on HP filter, but result is similar
- as a source We used certified power and energy calibrator
- SNR on voltage channel is much better - about 85-90 dB
- There is visible some "unstable signal" while the current input is short (when DICOEFF has value 0 only the noise is visible)
- hardware configuration is designed as You recomended in data sheet
Please,tell us, if there is any other steps, which can help us get better results. Is this unstable signal caused by algorithm in digital integrator?
Below you will find measurements with enabled integrator (red - voltage, blue - current, the same scale..) .
Below you will find measurements without integrator