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Confusion with ADALM Pluto & libIIO

Question asked by MDKpj on Mar 21, 2018
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I'm looking for clarification on how interactions with the Pluto work. 


If I have a windows PC with a Pluto connected via USB, then on the PC I run a program which uses the C++ libiio bindings, is the following correct.


1: libiio is running on the PC, a connection is made using the IP address of the Pluto this uses the network backend because the local is unavailable on windows. So this would be the right hand block in the picture?


2: the OS on the Pluto also runs libiio, it uses a network backend to get commands from the PC and then uses the Local backend to actually interface with the AD936x. So the IIOD server, libiio/Linux, Linux Kernel and IIO devices, are all within the Pluto? 



Assuming that's correct, a program on windows that did something like


Create context(ip:address:of:pluto )

Get device(tx device)

get channel(tx scan element)

make buffer(channel)

fill buffer(buffer)


would only need the context creation step to be altered to a local context? So step 2 would run the same way except commands would be coming locally instead of over a network link?