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About LTC7000

Question asked by ackirisik on Mar 21, 2018
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I am using LTC7000 with IRFS4115 for high side switching (30VDC). Circuit is attached and it is more or less the same circuit as in the datasheet which works as expected in LTSpice. But on board -with no load- VCC (pin 3) is 2.5VDC regardsless of Vin voltage. BST is around 1VDC and TS, TGDN and TGUP is 0V (no more than 40mV). And Imon is 0.58VDC, since there is no current flowing this should be 0V.


I have checked every passive element in circuit and they are what they supposed to be. There are no unwanted shorts between pins of LTC7000, no shorts to GND, nothing. This leads to the idea of faulty LTC7000 but i have another board with exact same circuit which also doesn't work so what are the odds? Maybe it is the undervoltage lockout feature of VCC, but why? There is a single capacitor connected to it.


Any opinion will be much appreciated.


Thank you.