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Regarding the Voltage RMS Accuracy

Question asked by Dg@4 on Mar 21, 2018
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i'm using ADE7878A with a 8 bit MCU. i have a very stable voltage and current source along with a reference standard meter. I calibrate the ADE7878A at 240 V using that stable source and check the value calculated by the ADE7878A  against the Standard meter. At 240V, Reading calculated by the ADE7878A is same as shown by Standard reference. but as i start decreasing the voltage say to value 152 then standard meter shows a value of 152V and ADE7878A shows 150 V. this 2 volt difference is kept upto 30V and then at 10V difference between ADE7878A and Standard reference becomes 1V 


Have anyone goes through such situation of linearity. Or there is something that i have made wrong