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COMMON MODE FILTER causes CAN bus falling edge overshoot with ADM3053

Question asked by maxwelllls on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2018 by maxwelllls

We use ADM3053 on our product,I found that when the common mode filter was used, the signal falling edge with the overshoot, and after removing the common-mode filter, the signal overshoot was small.

I wonder if it's the high  slew rate, inductance and parasitic capacitance of the line lead to harmonic oscillations, how can we reduce the slew rate?
PS:A common mode filter is necessary, but other models may be considered.(we are using B82793S0513N201 by EPCOS,datasheet in below)

Below is our schematic,pcb layout,and test waveform



below is the test waveform with common-mode filter,the falling-edge overshoot is very obvious.

with filterwith filterwith filter


with filter

below is the test waveform without common-mode filter,the falling-edge overshoot is still exist,but small.

without filterwithout filter


below is datasheet of B82793S0513N201