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How does the  Balancing Self Test Circuit given in ltc6804 datasheet determines cell balance duration and how to control cell balance

Question asked by ankityadav on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Jon.Munson
I am a student at VIT University, INDIA. I am making a college project using linear Technology IC.
ltc8584 ic is for active cell balancing and it is compatible with the ltc680X family.According to the datasheet of ltc8584 DIN(PIN 7) of this ic is to be connected with PIN S of ltc6804-1. So to enable the balancing we need to control the S pin of ltc6804-1.But I am unable to find any option to control S pins in the code provided on the linear technology website (DC1894).
link of code
Please provide me a suitable solution for controlling the S pins of ltc6804-1