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Square Pixel Mode in ADV7179

Question asked by kevinpark on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2018 by Jiwon.Lee

Hi, This is kevin


I've used the ADV7179 in square pixel mode.


The Registers are below, and the remaining registers are same with Power-up Value

 - Mode Register 1 : 0x58 ( DAC B, interlaced )  

 - Mode Register 2 : 0x01 ( Square Pixel mode )

 - Subcarrier Freq. Register 0 : 0x55

 - Subcarrier Freq. Register 1 : 0x55

 - Subcarrier Freq. Register 2 : 0x55

 - Subcarrier Freq. Register 3 : 0x25


The Input condition of ADV7179 are below

 - Input Clock : 24.5454MHz for Square Pixel Mode

 - Frame Rate : 30Hz

 - input image : interlaced Mode

 - Cr/Cb : 0x80


Under this setting, The output Image shakes up and down according to the input image. (Specially,  When hand places in front of sensor). and, If hand is removed, the output image is normal.


Strangely, In this case, If Mode Register 1 is set the 0x11(noninterlaced mode)

The output images are normal regardless of incoming image condition


So, I would like to know about effect related to the interlaced and noninterlaced setting of ADV7179.


Thank you in advance.