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no AD9375 tab in ADI IIO Oscilloscope

Question asked by rosy2cloud on Mar 19, 2018
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       I am currently using the ADRV9375 with zc706. I downloaded 2016_R2-2017_06_29.img from Zynq & Altera SoC Quick Start Guide [Analog Devices Wiki] ,and followed the instruction coping BOOT.BIN and devicetree.dtb in directory zynq-zc706-adv7511-adrv9375 to the boot partition,also coping uImage and uEnv.txt in zynq-common to boot partition.the linux can start normally,while there is no ad9375 tab  in ADI IIO Oscilloscope,I don not known where is wrong,can anyone help?

     thanks you for help!