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ADuCM3029: Power Budget Distribution and Optimization

Question asked by felipe.murcia on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by Narsimh

Hi I am building a power budget for an application using the ADuCM32 micro controller and had some questions regarding the its consumption in different scenarios.

1- From the  datasheet it is said that in active mode the microprocessor achieves 30uA/MHz, which are the conditions of these specification? does it include peripheral, IO and other internal block consumption or just the core and the memory? 

2- User guide UG1091 in the power optimization section  includes some figures of current again the figures mention that a prime number calculation is being run, I'm assuming this corresponds to a case where no peripheral or IO activity is taking place, would that be a correct assumption?  Does it still include possible leakage of the IO? 

3- Are there any other test results that could help in a real world estimation of the consumption of the micro-controller, where a set of peripherals, IO operations and so forth are active? Would it be possible to know how the power domains are distributed to estimate the consumption of each internal block?

4- When active does the buck converter directly power any internal blocks besides the LDO? which ones? Is there any way in which the LDO is inactive while the buck converter is active?