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the SPI communication issue of AD9266

Question asked by wangdecheng on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by DougI

we just use SPI communication with AD9266, and I can read all the register include ChipID、SPI register、SPI configer, etc. but I don't change value of any r/w register, for example: I write a data to Offset adjust(0x10), but the read back value still is  0x00. I think maybe miss some special setting, so please help me!

 the below is my circuit:


and below is signal wave:

1. the first step is read ChipID(0x01), and return the data is 0x78, this is success.

2. the second is read the Offset adjust(0x10), return the data is 0x00.

3. the 3rd is write 0x20 to register of the Offset adjust(0x10).

4. the last is read Offset adjust(0x10) again, but rerurn the data still is 0x00.