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ADuCM350 EVB Test with BIO3Z Board

Question asked by Jiwon.Lee on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by mark.ramos



I'm now on evaluating an EVB of ADuCM350 with BIO3Z board.

I used default HW connection and some changed SW setting as attached file.

For the BIO3Z board,

Inserted LK7/8/9 and LK10, LK16/17/18 and LK19 on position B to measure R23 + R24//R26 = 1.5k ohm

- 4-wire isolated, Tx via AFE8, Rx via AFE7, Rcal = 1k, Rtia = 1k, In-Am Gain = 1.412

- Vpeak = 10mV, Freq. Sweep from 25kHz to 50kHz with 1kHz step.

- Ideal Impedance R1 = 1.5k ohms

with these settins, click "GO" and wait the status LED turned off

Then, click "Plot" and clock plot again at plot window with Impedance Mag. vs Freq selection.



Sometimes, I got very low impedance magnitude value as attached plot results(page 2, with 41kHz frequency).

Can I get some helps on this low value result ?