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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this,but I can't find one of these any where.It's an 8 pin plug in type with AD 42830,then,9645

Question asked by skipperj on Mar 18, 2018
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This is for a Hameg HM303-4 Oscilloscope on the "YP" board.It's IC401 AD42830 as seen on the snippet of the 

schematic below.


One is the IC's identical twin on the attenuator board. The other is where it is on the schematic, ( IC 401 )

Can anyone tell me where I can get one? Analog Devices has "0" results.

Rochester Electronics has part # AD42830,but I have to buy 224 of them @ $1.10 each.

And there's no spec sheet to see if it's the right one ! So,I don't know anything at this point.

I've tried German distributors and Hamegs new company, Rohde&Schwarz.