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SPDIF Receiver lockbit detection failure with Software 3.17?

Question asked by Robin on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by matthijs

I realized a problem with files that have been created with the latest 3.17 software version in combination with the Sigma300 ADAU145x series.

The SPDIF receiver lock bit detection always indicates "Successful lock to input stream", no matter if a SPDIF signal is applied to the input or not. So it may happen that undesired random noise signals are generated by the SPDIF receiver.
This does not happen with 3.17 if a file is used that has been created with older software versions.
But it happens as well if the file, created with 3.17 is opened in older versions.
So this must be definitely a bug in the latest software.
As we are dependent on using 3.17 (due to a special .dll that only works in this version) this is a critical error in our application, means that we cannot use the SPDIF input.

Any ideas?