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AD5934 based Conductivity Measurement

Question asked by sum6666 on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2018 by Snorlax

I was going through CN0349, we have a similar design except we have it as a microcontroller-based instead of AD evaluation board. We are getting slightly off EC readings, can anyone helps us in determining the cause of it. Let say when calibration solution is 1413 uS/cm, the readings are 1458 uS/cm and when the calibration solution is 5000 uS/cm, the readings are 4768uS/cm. The readings are consistent. But the error of  300 uS/cm is not desirable.

Another question is I have in LabVIEW software program, there are variables called High ADC offset, Low ADC offset, High/LSB and Low/LSB, can someone tell me what is the purpose of them? How to calculate ADC offset? Thank you in advance, any help, suggestions, and the advice is appreciated.