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AD7511 Application Note Question (AN1270) for FPGA HDMI Output

Question asked by workingdoc on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by GuenterL



I am following directions for Application note AN-1270 for getting up and running with the ADV7511 chip.  I have attached this document.


I have setup the Verilog Code.  It was not working the way it was documented, but after troubleshooting each function to get the desired waveform, it seems to work OK.


I am using Zilinx ZC702 FPGA board. 


My question is this:  the HDMI is not working though timing looks like it should be sending signal.  In the AN, List 4 Script, there is some code I do not understand at all how to implement.  Would this explain why the HDMI is not working despite having signal connected to correct pins on FPGA pinouts?


I read couple things on I2C but not sure how to implement these comments or what the script is telling the chip to do.


I would really appreciate some guidance here, as I am just getting into FPGA embedded development.