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Reaching Min Sample Rate for AD9371 & Filter Wizard

Question asked by MattCo on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by travisfcollins


I'm working with the Ad9371 Filter wizard app for Matlab. It's version 1.10. I've ensure that the tools and OS on my hardware(a zc706 and an AD9371-W) are up to date as well. 


I am using the IIO source block(tuned to RX1) in gnu radio to stream to a null sink for now, and I have realtime scheduling enabled. The average data rate I can seem to get from RX1 is about 4.25 MSPS, well below the listed min 20 MSPS listed in the User's guide and the wiki page. Is this normal? that'd mean that my data rate is 4*4.25= 17MB/s, which seems very low. 


I am attempting to generate a profile using the AD9371 filter wizard as well. the ADI wiki does not discuss the significance of the advanced settings, the ad9528 settings, nor the ref clk/ device clk between generate profiles and output. I do not undestand the significance of those values.  My priority is to have the lowest sample rate and  bandwidth possible. Do these values look correct? I'm unclear if this profile is even being used by the ad9371 or by the ADI oscilloscope program. when I echo profile_config the console replies with TBD, and after loading a profile in osc none of the values change.  


Thank you in advance for taking the time to reply, and I am happy to elaborate further on my issues.