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Update the AD9361 reference HDL design to use ILA?

Question asked by taldinger on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by taldinger

Hi ADi. I need some help getting the FMCOMMS hdl and ILA debug ports to work with the AD9361 device. I am using a zed board Zynq with the FMCOMMS3-EBZ from ADI. I am able to boot the AD9361 reference design form an SD card with the Linux OS to run ADI IIO oscope and perform an TX to RX loopback and observe the tones on the HDMI monitor. (all from adi webiste AD9361 HDL Reference Designs [Analog Devices Wiki] ). That works but is a good demo, no where near the end goal I am trying to reach.


First step, I would like to take the reference HDL project for FMCOMMS2/3 and build it with working ILA debug. My attempt at this is to source the project using the ADI provided tcl files, generate a bitstream, import to SDK and build up a BOOT.bin to copy onto the SD card. This failed to boot.


Therefore, I reverted the BOOT.bin file on the SD and was able to recover the system. However, no ILA working. Next, I copied the bit file over to the SD card and programmed the Zynq FPGA using:

    cat <path>/system_top.bit > /dev/xdevcfg


This allowed the ILA to connect in to hardware manager in Vivado, however, the HDMI output stopped and I cannot run ADI IIO Oscope application to get the TX block to work.


Any suggestions or advice would be so helpful to get this working?