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help with setting up inet + rshd

Question asked by pez3 on Dec 4, 2011
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i'm trying to set up rshd on my cm-bf527.


with my kernel configuration (2011R1-RC1) i always get "permission denied." message on my host (ubuntu 11.10) when trying to send a file with rcp or sending a command with rsh. no matter if i try it in eclipse or via console...


like mentioned in the doku wiki i checked wether inetd is running and rshd is in inetd config and installed... everything seems fine here, but no function


i noticed in kernel configuration, there are several inet configuration possibilities and i don't know what exactly i do have to configure to get rcp to work...


in network applications -> inetd

in busybox -> networking utilities -> inetd

in blackfin app programs -> inetutils


what do i need here???


can anybody help me here with this topic?


thank you for your help!