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ADV7610 overheats - is there a document for all register settings?

Question asked by on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by GuenterL
I have a relative simple circuit but very condensed PCBA with this HDMI RX IC and SDI TX chip from Semtech.  We assembled 5 PCBAs and we are still working on the development.  As we started using the PCBAs, ADV7610 was working in the sense of sending out PCLK, HSync and etc.  But at some point, the ADV7610 IC gets heated up and eventually stopped working.  Now, I don’t have any more working PCBAs.  With the last PCBA, it was working until last Friday.  When I tried to make sure on Monday morning that the situation would be still the same as last Friday, HSync started distorted in the sense of seeing multiple pulse widths, then noticed that the ADV7610 was very hot.  Then, I found that TVDD was the port that was sucking current.
We are very careful with ESD shock to our circuit boards.  All differential input lines of HDMI input have ESD protection.  
My first question is what may cause TVDD power domain damaged?
Second question - the software engineer who unfortunately left a few weeks ago was setting registers according to the script of the evaluation board.  But I see some registers are not listed in the SW_Manual of ADV7610. Is there a document that defines all the register settings?