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Capturing ADC data from ADRV9371 (Arria10gx)

Question asked by waveform10 on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by DragosB

Hello. Please, help me debug the following issue.
I capture signal from RX1/RX2 using capture.tcl macros. I got two files: iq_rx1.csv and iq_rx2.csv. Both files contains the same signal, which I send from generator to transceiver input RX2. And iq_rx2.csv is shifted for about 1 sample left, compering to iq_rx1.csv. It looks like RX2 signal spread and digitized by both transceiver channels. RX1 and both ORX channels are silent.
Maybe problem is in  myk.c, generated by TES program, but I didn't find there possibilities for selecting active channels. They are enabled both - Rx1 and Rx2, by default:


static mykonosRxSettings_t  rxSettings =
    &rxProfile,     /* Rx datapath profile, 3dB corner frequencies, and digital filter enables*/
    &rxFramer,      /* Rx JESD204b framer configuration structure*/
    &rxGainControl, /* Rx Gain control settings structure*/
    &rxAgcConfig,   /* Rx AGC control settings structure*/
    3,              /* The desired Rx Channels to enable during initialization*/
    0,              /* Internal LO = 0, external LO*2 = 1*/
    2400000000U,    /* Rx PLL LO Frequency (internal or external LO)*/
    0               /* Flag to choose if complex baseband or real IF data are selected for Rx and ObsRx paths. Where, if > 0 = real IF data, '0' = zero IF (IQ) data*/


Project: hdl\projects\adrv9371x\a10gx\
Hdl project brunch: Master
No-OS project brunch: Master
Quartus Prime: 16.1.2 build 203 standart edition