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AD9548 is identified like AD9547 over USB/I2C with schematic based on PCBZ9548.

Question asked by sdy on Mar 15, 2018
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I assembled the device with CY68013 that is based on schem ( of the PCBZ9548 and flashed the EEPROM with original code that is accepted by this software After that I installed the  and driver from these location: C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\USB Drivers\LRF. Next I connected AD9548 that is mounted on my board with CY68013 over I2C only without Reset and IRQ signals. Everything is fine because I can calibrate the AD9548, set DDS frequency, look at the status but the software identifies AD9548 like AD9547 (the green legend in bottom near STATUS and IRQ). So I see only two outputs and can not load stp file because this one was saved for AD9548 but software thinks that I work with AD9547. Are there special features probably hardware or software that I did not take into account?


Sincerely, Dmitriy