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LTC4015 IC reset issue

Question asked by nagarajgh on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Zack


         We are using LTC4015 charger controller to charge Li-Ion Battery in our project, device is getting self-reset after we enable charger through i2c interface, we are setting Force_meas_sys_on to 1 (0x14 bit 4), VCHARGE to 32V, ICHARGE_TARGET to 200mA and disable the JEITA bit in  CHARGER_CONFIG_BITS. 


During initialization we are suspending the charger, configuring the registers and then we are enabling the charger.  As soon as the device is reset if we apply the input voltage the battery is charged with ~ 3.2A (As the Rsnsb is 0.01 Ohm). 


In our application we are using 8 Li-ion batteries in series each of 2600mAh capacity.