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AD9914 Calibration and IO_Update

Question asked by jferment on Mar 14, 2018
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I"m reading the Data Sheet in regards to the DAC calibration procedure.  The Data Sheet states that a required calibration must be manually set and then cleared.  It also states a calibration time.


We are implementing a serial interface.

Is that time how long the pulse is meant to be held HIGH, or is that the required time to wait until calibration is finished?  

How does IO_Update before involved?  Is it required?


I saw another thread that said to set DAC_CAL =1 , IO UPDATE, DAC_CAL=0 IO UPDATE


Where are we supposed to wait.



2 ) Second question


If I am using the profile registers and changing profile select pins do I need to ever strobe IO_UPDATE, the data sheet mentioned "The Profile Select Pins. Digital inputs (active high). Use these pins to select one of eight phase/frequency profiles for the DDS. Changing the state of one of these pins transfers the current contents of all input/output buffers to the corresponding registers. State changes must be set up on the SYNC_CLK pin (Pin 82)."


I read that as if I write a Profile register over SPI, I do not need to strobe IO_UPDATE that simply changing the profile pins will update my output.


Is this correct?