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Why interrupt polarity is not being set on  ADuCM3029?

Question asked by mirceac Employee on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by Narsimh



I am trying to set polarity for the interrupt pin from low to high and it is not being set. The interrupt is always triggered by a transition from high to low. Why is this happening ? 


This is my code to set the interrupt


/* Set interrupt pin */
ret = adi_gpio_Init(gpioMemory, ADI_GPIO_MEMORY_SIZE); //initialize gpio
ret |= adi_gpio_InputEnable(INTACC_PORT, INTACC_PIN, true); // Set INTACC_PORT as input
ret |= adi_gpio_SetGroupInterruptPolarity(INTACC_PORT, INTACC_PIN);
ret |= adi_gpio_SetGroupInterruptPins(INTACC_PORT, SYS_GPIO_INTA_IRQn, INTACC_PIN);
ret |= adi_gpio_RegisterCallback (SYS_GPIO_INTA_IRQn, pinIntCallback, NULL );