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Question asked by wii on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by wii

hi all,
   [env]  dell laptop---hdmi-->adv7842--bt.1120--his3531a;
          1. want to read the edid of adv7842;
             i2c as follows:
             ./i2c_write 0x64 0x77 0x4   E-EDID for Port A enabled
            ./i2c_read 0x64 0x7d-----------------0x4
            ./i2c_write 0x64 0x7e 0x4
            then ,read the i2c addr 0x6c(EDID slave addr), the value is 0, how can i read the edid value?
          2. when i use the softMCCS in th edell laptop, the edid of adv7842 dispaly: samsung s27b550;