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Why AD9864 output is noise when input IF signal is -90dBm

Question asked by hitcompass on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by PMH

Our product is using AD9864, by out test, when the input IF signal with level of -90dBm directly into AD9864, and the DSP capture AD9864 SSI output IQ data then draw it with Matlab, the data is almost noise, we can't see valid signal. For -70dBm input or -30dBm input, the IQ data looks ok.


So, what's the possible reason for my problem, hardware or AD9864 configuration issue? Could anyone help me? Also I want to know what's the smallest input level that AD9864 can accept.


Here is my AD9864 register setting. And my IF input freq is 73.35MHz, LO freq is 71.1MHz.