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About AD7705 Analog Input Range

Question asked by Yuya on Mar 13, 2018
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My customers are considering using the AD7705 and I received questions.


· Bipolar input
· GAIN = 2
· AIN(-)= 2.5 V
· AIN(+)= 0 to 5 V


In this condition, I think that it will be + 1.25 to + 3.75 with reference to AIN (-)= 2.5 V from the calculation formula (± Vref / GAIN) of the data sheet.
However, the input voltage can be used with 0 ~ 5V.


#1 In the unbuffered mode, if the absolute value of the analog input reaches the absolute value in the range from GND

     to VDD, it is written in the data sheet, but is the bipolar input range ignored in this case?

   Does the entered 0 to 5 V are input as it is without being narrowed?


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