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Driver isn't installed when connect SDP-B to pc

Question asked by weimin023 on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by Rajeev

Hey guys, I connected EVAL-RADAR-MMIC to pc via SDP-B.


The device manager detect the hardware driver "ADI development tools" at the first time.

But when I connected the board to pc several days later, device manager can not detect the driver anymore.


I tried to install three drivers in the FTP link below (I found from another post.):





But it didn't work at all. Device manager still can not detect the SDP-B board.


I tried two flows:


1) Connect SDP-B(with radar board) to pc directly.



1) Install three drivers from FTP link.

2) Restart my pc.

3) Connect SDP-B(with radar board) to pc.


But both of them didn't work.


P.S.:I also installed "SDP panel" and "mmic radar board Evaluation Software" two softwares.



Thanks for your help.