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SC389 code breakpoint not being set

Question asked by GrahamNewton on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by GrahamNewton

I have attempted several time to create a project with minimal code to familiarise myself with the startup code and general debugging.

I want to debug the code on core 1, which is a SHARC core on a ADSP-SC589.

I generate a skeleton project using the new project wizard generally using default values.

I compile the debug configuration of the code.

Although I can successfully compile and appear to run the project I can never set a breakpoint in the main function of the code. 

Each time I attempt to set a breakpoint I get the following error

Failed to set breakpoint at C:\...\StartupTest_Core1\src\StartupTest_Core1.c [line: 22] because there is no debug line info.

I have confirmed that the Generate Debug Information is checked for compilation and the Strip Debug Information and Strip All Symbols are unchecked in the linker.

I am using CrossCore Embedded Studio with the SC359 evaluation board using the ICE1000 debugger.

How do I set breakpoints in the code at code level?