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ADV7511 with Linux on ZED

Question asked by choiij on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by larsc

I am currently trying to construct the HDMI with Linux on zedboard.


I have followed "Linux with HDMI video output on the ZED" and constructed with the reference(hdl_2016_r2) and the released kernel (xcomm_zynq_2013-04-19). So, I can boot the zedboard from SD card and successfully display HDMI output on LDC panel.


First,  I added my custom design to hdl_2016_r2 and added the device tree information which is generated by the device-tree-xlnx-xilinx-v2016.2 to the original device tree (zynq-zed-adv7511.dtsi). The Linux is successfully booted and the HDMI works well, but I can find the gpio device that I added to my custom design. I can find the device tree information in the path (/proc/device-tree/fpga-axi@0/gpio@41200000) but it does not exist in the path (/sys/class/gpio). If I add my custom hardware which is assigned a range of addresses, do I need to modify the kernel in addition to the devicetree?


Second, I want to the "hdl_2016_r2" on the xilinx kernel (xlnx-4.4) of the petalinux.2016.2. To run the ADV7511 on the xilinx kernel, do I have to modify both the devicetree and xilinx kernel, as in the previous question?


I am relatively new to embedded systems, so please forgive my ignorance.