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AD9375 PAPR reduction for OFDM waveform with GAN power amplifier

Question asked by sugu89 on Mar 13, 2018
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    We are planning to use 64-QAM modulation in our OFDM waveform with channel spacing of 1MHz, Whereas our maximum data-rate is 150Mbps with channel spacing of 125KHz to 1MHz.

We are planning to use your AD9375 Transceiver for our transmitter with DPD to reduce the high PAPR required for our OFDM waveform typically 10dB.

We are planning to use wide-band GAN power amplifier for our application where our frequency band is 1.5 to 2.5GHz where we will use typically 30MHz for our data.

Our output power requirement is only 15W whereas without DPD our OFDM waveform requires power amplifier peak power of 150W(10dB more than operation for PAPR).

This is not efficient way, So we are thinking to use your AD9375 transmitter with DPD for our application.


1) Now how much PAPR will be approximately reduced for our waveform by using DPD?

2) What is the approximate power amplifier peak power requirement after DPD implementation using your transceiver?


This is not for any wireless standard and this is a proprietary standard communication.


We need approximate/typical data to choose the power amplifier for our application with DPD implementation.



Sugumar K