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ADV7604 failed/damaged while inserting DVI input at power on condition

Question asked by winiston@123 on Mar 13, 2018
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We have video processing board with ADV7604. We use DVI to input of ADV7604 for muxing purpose. when i insert DVI signal at power on condition, ADV7604 failed/damaged. We inserted DVI cable at power on condition, we do not get any display output. Then we switched off board and measure resistance between dvi differential line to ground. It is around 15 ohm. Where as the resistance between dvi differential line to ground at working board is around 680 ohm.

We provided ESD protection at DVI input side. Please find attached schematic for your referrence


Please suggest me the reason, why ADV7604 is failing when i insert DVI at power on condition? How do i resolve this issue? My customer wants to plug DVI at power on condition.