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AD9161/9162 peak DAC output power

Question asked by Hiroyuki.D on Mar 13, 2018
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AD9161/9162 data sheet on Page 80 mentions "If the AD9161/AD9162 are programmed for an IOUTFS = 40 mA, its ideal peak ac current is 20 mA and its maximum power, delivered to the equivalent load, is 10 × (RINT/(RINT + RLOAD) = 8 mW (that is, P = I2R)." We don't understand why the '10' is suddenly appeared and why this equation is true.

Is this the discussion about a 1:1 balun with 50 Ω differential source termination e.g. Fig 191 in AD9161/AD9162 data sheet Page 81 as follows?

Figure 191. Recommended Transformer for Wideband Applications with Upper Bandwidths of up to 5 GHz


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