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Orcad Capture simulation error using AD8221

Question asked by Anirban on Dec 2, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2011 by Anirban

Hi..This is Anirban..I am trying to design an bridge amplification circuit using AD8221 in orcad capture. But while running I am getting an error msg as "ERROR --Subcircuit AD8221 used by X_U10 is undefined"...I am not understanding how to rectify this error..I have given the specifications to AD8221 as follows:

1.Gain selected as 900

2. Vs+ = 5V (same source is given to the bridge ext point)

3. Vs- = gnd

4. REF = gnd

6. Rg= 49.9ohms

I am using Orcad 9.2.

If some one can help me then i would be really thankful...